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Aquarius Film Records fully understands the nitty gritty of managing a channel on various platforms. Many of our clients who are content creators inform us about the daunting tasks that is involved in the production, post production.



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Content Distribution

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Content Distribution or Content Discovery is all about making your content available to the largest set of audience possible. It involves a set of conscious activities to understand the content format, and deliver content to that audience though a specific publishing channel.

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From the get go start up...

Aquarius Film is an ultra-modern production house with a distinct bias toward creative visual communications. We offer pre-production, production, post production, animation, design and direction services for clients based in India. We provides a bouquet of services that will help you development & designing; audio & video distribution; digital marketing; and brand promotion that consider everything from the audience our clients would love to reach, to the type of content and interactions that will efficiently and effectively capture them — irrespective of their geographies.

Movies & Short Film

We Produce / Co-Produce Indian Movies, TV Shows, Kids content & Mobile-First Digital Content...

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TV Show

Aquarius works with writers, directors, composers, animators, and editors to produce a variety of TV Shows...

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Talk Show

Aquarius has an active collaboration with leading TV and Radio channels and has produced hundreds of talk shows...

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Worldwide Video Distribution

Our online video distribution business has expanded to 360 degree exploitation of content through multiple digital.

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